• Risk Management has considerably changed over the past years. Whether strategic, operational, financial, social, health-related or legal in nature, risks are constantly changing in scale and are thus changing their limits of insurability. Preventing, accepting, reducing, protecting and transferring risk to an insurer are just some of the possible strategies for the management and internal control of risks. In an economic context that is already extremely tense, choosing one's risks and learning to manage them have simultaneously become a critical challenge and a competitive advantage.
  • Created in 1993, AMRAE (Corporate Risk and Insurance Management) is a leading professional association for the corporate risk and insurance sectors. For 20 years, AMRAE has been helping private and public organisations achieve their strategic and operational objectives to enable them to improve their performance and control their risks.

    AMRAE L’Association brings together key players in the risk management sector, including risk managers, internal controllers and auditors, and insurance and legal professionals.
    Through its scientific committees, publications and various events, AMRAE produces content for these experts that enhances their performance and development in their sector and helps them further support corporate strategies.

    With AMRAE Formation, it meets their professional training needs by offering high-level training leading to recognised certification and qualifications.

    AMRAE Les Rencontres organises the annual risk management conference, with its 2,200 participants. These three days are a must-attend event for risk management and financing professionals.

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